Caring Dentistry provides all of the following services:

Preventative Care and Maintenance

Regular dental examinations and maintenance is important for everyone to ensure good dental health. Dental disease can be prevented with effective plaque removal techniques, such as correct brushing and flossing daily.

At Caring Dentistry we will help you to understand the underlying cause of your complaint; provide you with advice regarding immediate treatment, home management and hygiene; as well as useful tips for preventing future problems.

Restorative Solutions

There have been many advances in modern dentistry, equipping us with a number of ways in which we can restore decayed, damaged or lost teeth. Using the latest materials and technologies, we can offer treatment options that are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and individually tailored to your desires and needs.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) aims to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or trauma. This is done by first numbing the tooth with local anaesthetic, then removing damaged, infected or dead pulp from within the tooth. This in turn aims to alleviate any pain and retain the tooth in its functional state.

This treatment usually spans a number of appointments depending on the complexity of the tooth, and generally requires a crown after completion to ensure its structural longevity.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are generally placed on teeth weakened by dental decay, fracture or large fillings. They cover the tooth entirely, thus restoring it to its normal size, shape and colour whilst improving its structural stability.

A bridge is used to replace on or more missing teeth. It consists of one or multiple false teeth attached to crowns that are placed on supporting teeth either side of a gap.

There are now a number of materials from which crowns or bridges can be made, and our team will help to advise as to the most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing option for you.


Implants are often placed after the loss of a tooth. A dental implant is fabricated from a strong, biocompatible material and placed via a surgical procedure. Once the bone and gum tissue heal around the implant, a crown can be attached to resemble the tooth or teeth that were previously present. Implants can be used to support a bridge or denture if more then one tooth is lost.

Teeth Whitening

We offer a number of procedures that can help improve the appearance of your teeth, including take home whitening systems. These provide excellent results for mildly discoloured teeth, though the degree of whiteness can vary between individuals. The structure of a persons teeth, dietary habits and the duration of teeth whitening can all effect the final result. Please feel free to make a consult appointment to assess if this treatment is suitable for you.


Veneers are a thin cover that lies over the front of a tooth, designed to mask any irregularities in its surface or colour. They are fabricated from porcelain and then permenantly cemented onto the front surface of the tooth or teeth.

Teeth straightening

There have been a number of developments in teeth straightening (also known as orthodontics) in recent years. We have seen advancements in full banding (both on the outside and inside of teeth), as well as the development of Invisaline, a system to realigning teeth with a series of “invisible” clear trays. Our staff at Caring Dentistry would be happy to discuss any orthodontic concerns you have and possible options for treatment.


Dentures are used to replace missing teeth, and can be taken in and out of your mouth. At Caring Dentistry, we aim to provide comfortable, natural looking dentures. We also perform denture repairs and can improve the fitting surface of your existing dentures.

Splint Therapy

Dental splints, also known as ‘nightguards’, can help to relieve a number of issues involved with grinding, clenching or other parafunctional habits; jaw soreness; headaches and wear to the teeth. Our staff at Caring Dentistry are happy to help with any splint therapy requirements.

Children’s Dentistry

At Caring Dentistry we believe it is important to learn good dental hygiene habits from a young age. Feel free to bring your child to your examination appointment to help them become comfortable with their dental surroundings. We usually suggest that they attend their own examination appointment from 3 years old, and return every 6 months from thereon to monitor their oral hygiene and dentition. It should be remembered that decay often progresses faster in baby teeth as they are softer then adult teeth.