Welcome to our Dental Practice

At Caring Dentistry our dentists are committed to pursuing excellence in every aspect of their work in order to guarantee you receive the best dental treatment possible. We undergo regular training sessions to ensure we use the latest techniques and the most effective dental technology.

Caring Dentistry practice follows extremely strict hygiene and infection control procedure, and we are AMADA accredited. Our dental practices is conveniently located on Portrush Road, Burnside. We are directly across from Burnside Shopping centre making it a convenient location to visit.


Dentistry Services We Offer

Preventative Dental Care

Regular dental examinations and maintenance is important for everyone to ensure good dental health. Dental disease can be prevented with effective plaque removal techniques, such as correct brushing and flossing daily. We will help you to understand the underlying cause of your complaint

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Restorative Solutions

There have been many advances in modern dentistry, equipping us with a number of ways in which we can restore decayed, damaged or lost teeth. Using the latest materials and technologies, we can offer treatment options that are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and individually tailored to your desires and needs.

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Cosmetic & Reconstructive

Implants are often placed after the loss of a tooth. A dental implant is fabricated from a strong, biocompatible material and placed via a surgical procedure. Once the bone and gum tissue heal around the implant, a crown can be attached to resemble the tooth or teeth that were previously present.

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